It’s been an incredibly busy – and fulfilling – two and half days working with the therapists in the pediatric rehabilitation center of Martin Memorial Hospital in Stuart, FL.  These are some of the most passionate, caring, and enthusiastic therapists I have ever met. The genuine compassion for their clients and their dedication and determination to make a difference in their lives is impressive and compelling.

The first day of our visit was a workshop for pediatric therapists and teachers.  Alan and Chase were there to help them with the execution of the tricks as I taught them.  Several therapists had questions before the workshop started – questions that we get quite often from those who are excited (and a little anxious) to understand just how magic tricks can be incorporated into treatment…and make a difference for their clients.  The only answer I could offer was to ask them if we could talk again after the workshop, that I felt strongly they would “get it” once they started the process.  And when they learned their first magic trick, THEY DID GET IT!  The room erupted with laughter and excitement!  I could hear therapists talking – almost instantly – about the therapeutic benefits of a simple rubber band.  The day only got better from there…and, before I knew it, four hours had passed like minutes.

The second and third days were the best.  Those two days at Martin Memorial Pediatric Rehabilitation Center, we were there to work with some awesome kids.  When we walked through the doors on Thursday morning, there was an energy in the air that I knew was positive. This was going to be a fantastic day…and the next one too!

There are so many things I could write about this group of people but there are no words that can adequately describe these last two days.  I can tell you this, working with these kids will change you forever.  You see into their eyes, you feel their hearts, there is a connection that can’t be explained.  There were small miracles, big surprises, and memorable moments. Pictures say a thousand words…