It has been almost two weeks since I’ve posted on the blog.  I apologize and for all of you who have been emailing, sending me Facebook messages, or tweeting me, thank you for continuing to stay connected with me.

Alan and I have been driving the truck across country.  As we wrapped up the tour in California, everyone caught a flight back to Virginia while Alan and I started the long drive.  We had a good time checking out the scenery through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York.  Along the way there were some memorable moments and places to eat…including this unusual Chinese restaurant.

New York was our ultimate destination for this leg.  We left the truck in Buffalo, NY, rented a car, and drove to Burlington, Ontario (Canada).  I was scheduled to conduct a Continuing Education workshop at Joseph Brant Hospital for a group of rehabilitation therapists.  What a fun group of therapists!!

After the workshop, we drove back to Buffalo but decided to take a detour at the border and check out Niagra Falls.  I have to say we’ve become accustomed to the warmer temperatures on the Southwest so Canada was COLD…but the falls were beautiful.

Once we arrived in Buffalo, we picked up the truck and continued our drive to Vermont – our next destination.  We are making a return visit to the Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center in Stowe, VT.  We were here in January for the opening week of events to capture the ski audience.  Now that the mountain is closed, we are here to do some outreach in the community and perform for the area residents.

It is very quiet in Stowe and the surrounding areas now that the tourists are gone.  We made a stop in Morrisville at The Bee’s Knees to grab a bite to eat while exploring.  The food was fantastic and the portions were HUGE.  This is my side order of fries!

Our first event in the Stowe community was with a group of Special Education teachers from the district.  We had a brief workshop to explore them to the concepts of the Hocus Focus project.  Now that the website has been redesigned and is up-to-date, there is a great deal of information and research to share with educators.  While the group was small, the meeting was very effective and the excitement that was generated was well worth the time.  And this morning, I was invited to sit in at the studio of WLVB for a live interview to talk about the Saturday night performance and the other events of the week.  I had a great time with Roland – fun interview!

Tomorrow morning, Alan and I will head to Fletcher Allen Hospital in Burlington, VT for a full day of Healing of Magic workshops and working with patients at the largest hospital in the state.  Cindy, Keith, and Chase also arrive tomorrow afternoon and I can’t wait to see my wife!  Being apart for this long is really tough on both of us!

On Friday morning, I’ll have another Healing of Magic workshop with the therapists at the Copley Hospital in Morrisville.  And on Saturday at 7pm is the performance at the Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center on Stowe Mountain.  I’ll keep you posted!