We wrapped up our time in Corsicana with two performances at The Palace Theatre.  This beautifully restored 1930’s vaudeville theatre has amazing acoustics, incredible lighting, and a typical vaudeville stage.

The theatre tech students from the high school came over to help us load in our gear.  And they stayed around for a couple of hours to help get the lighting into place and our scenery in the air.  Once they left, our crew concentrated and getting things as ready as possible.

We were back around 11am on Thursday to finish things up.  We still needed to focus lighting, set the moving lights, and several other things.  Cindy and Ethan spent a good part of both days trying to figure out how to make all flow during the show.  These performances would be a very carefully choreographed “dance” backstage to move one illusion off stage while getting the next one into place.

While working on the lights, we needed to replace one of the bulbs. Lloyd, the technical director, directed us to a file cabinet where the bulbs were located.  We started exploring the drawers to find the right size and Ethan stumbled on an “interesting” box.  Now, this is either (1) scary or (2) someone has a GREAT sense of humor (I’m going with the second one).

Our first show at 6pm was filled with a wonderful audience of all ages.  We had a quick turn around between shows before the doors opened to let in the crowd for the 8pm show.  Both shows were great fun! We had wonderful volunteers on the stage with us and the guys at the Palace Theatre were so gracious and hospitable to use for our entire stay in Corsicana.

We have now officially wrapped the Spring 2009 tour.  Today, Cindy and Keith will fly from DFW Airport back to Virginia.  Ethan and I will start driving the rig back home.