What a busy week – and very productive too!  Joanie Spina – our movement coach and artist director – flew in from Vegas to work with us for a week on a few new illusions.  We have four new illusions that we are working on – hopefully, they’ll be going into the production this fall. It takes a lot of work before we feel they are ready to be put on the stage.  There is a process, at least for us.  First, it’s always best if I actually know WHAT I’m going to say before we start into the rehearsals.  I try to be as prepared for that as I can before she arrives.  But, with the way my schedule has been this year, I didn’t have the script completely committed to memory before she got here.  I spent a couple of hours each morning – 6am – 8am – working on the script so that I would have time to concentrate on my movements.  The goal, obviously, is to make sure that when the words are spoken during the show, they feel spontaneous and fresh…and, most importantly, something that I would say (comfortable).

Not only is Joanie a brilliant director, she really knows how to capture the emotion of an illusion through the music.  Putting this all together is definitely a collaboration on many levels.

The two illusions we concentrated on the most this week were both created by Jim Steinmeyer. And, as is typically the case, they are perfect for our show.  Jim really knows what works for us (he’s seen the show several times) and Joanie really knows how to capture our personalities to bring the illusions to life.

The one pictured here is going to be a fun “piece of magic” in the show.  And it stays true to the “theatrical” nature of our production. It’s not just a great piece of magic – it’s a fun and exciting piece of theatre too!

I hope you’ll come check out a show!  The tour schedule will be announced very soon for 2011/2012.