Four days and seven cancelled flights later, I have finally arrived in Norway!  I’m excited to be here and looking forward to presenting my current research paper, HOCUS FOCUS: THE ACADEMIC AND FUNCTIONAL BENEFITS OF INTEGRATING MAGIC TRICKS IN THE CLASSROOM. I am attending the International Society for Teacher Education seminar being hosted by the University of Ager in Kristiansand, Norway.  This is a great opportunity to have my research “peer-reviewed” and get it ready for publication in the education journals

Norway is a beautiful country and Kristiansand is a very quaint town on the water.  It’s cold here – only about 40 degrees F.  The average highs during May are 57 degrees F.  So I don’t think I’ll be walking down to the beach!

There is no snow on the ground (like in this picture) but it feels like it could snow outside!  And Norway is ridiculously expensive.  The McDonalds around the corner sells cheeseburgers for $12.50 US.  My taxi ride to the hotel last night – only about 1 mile – was $40US.  It’s a good thing meals are included with the conference!