After the great audience at Three Stages in Folsom, we drove to Chico, CA where we would spend the next few days.  The morning after our arrival (Monday), I was up very early at 5am to do WAKE UP CHICO on the local NBC affiliate.  Shannon from the venue picked me up at the hotel and we were on our way to the studio.  The interview went very well and we were out of the studio by 7am.

Shannon dropped me back at the hotel where I ate breakfast, answered some email, and did a live radio interview for an upcoming show in Arizona.  Alan meet me around 9:15am in the lobby.  Dan, also from the venue, picked us up for a workshop at Twin Oaks Acute Rehab Facility.  We spent 30 minutes working with the therapists, teaching the concepts of “magic therapy.”  These guys were so much fun!  And the fun just continued into the therapy sessions with the clients.

Following the workshop at Twin Oaks, we went back to the hotel, gathered the rest of the team and made our way over to Laxson Auditorium to start loading in the equipment.  We never turn down the opportunity to get a jump on set up!

Three shows later, we were loading the equipment back into the truck and making our way to Klamath Falls, OR.  Dan DeWayne, the executive director of Chico Performances, sent this email to the office:

‘Kevin and Cindy Spencer and their crew were a delight to work with, including during Kevin’s exciting outreach work during his visit to the Twin Oaks Acute Care facility here in Chico.  His enthusiastic personality and impressive knowledge of occupational and physical therapy worked wonders on both the therapists and patients as he used magic to help them with their rehab and bring smiles to dozens of faces.  The Spencers performed two separate youth performances for more than 1,850 area children that were received with enthusiasm and standing ovations from the enthralled students.  Kevin Spencers’ years of stage craft were evident during the evening performance, mixing wonderful illusions with intimate conversation and story telling that made for a relaxed evening of fun for our family audience.  It was a pleasure working with Kevin, Cindy and their excellent crew and the long lines in the lobby waiting for an autograph indicated the audience was pleased with the performance.”

Klamath Falls….here we come!