We lost an hour of sleep last night as we “sprung” forward into Daylight Savings Time. I can already tell I’m going to miss it today. Nolan and I were up around 4am so we could get to the airport for our 6am flight to Detroit continuing on to Roanoke. We were at the airport by 4:45am and immediately noticed that our flight was not on the departure board. After some investigation, we found that the flight is starting off it’s day 45 minutes late. I hope we make our connection in Detroit!

I am looking forward to going home this week. This will be our last official break for the remainder of this tour. The next two months we will be on the road from coast to coast – New York to Washington, and all places in between. I am excited because shows have been going very well. We’ve had a run of 20 sold out performances and the momentum seems to be carrying from show to show. Now, I’m realistic enough to know that, just around the corner, things can change. And that’s okay. We are enjoying the ride while it lasts.

I’ll be very busy this week finalizing the 08/09 tour schedule and working on a project I’ve been trying to complete now for a couple of months. It seems I always have too many things going on at the same time! For those of you who are asking about the Special Education curriculum, I should have it written and printed by the middle of summer. We hope to field test it starting in the fall in several selected school systems around the country. And I hope to have the curriculum complete for the psychiatric program as well.

Okay, boarding the flight!