We arrived in Flint, MI on Wednesday in order to do some work in the area schools with the Hocus Focus project.  Christi Lackey at The Whiting worked very hard to make these arrangements, meeting with the Director of Special Education for the county.  In the end, her hard work paid off and we spent two incredible days working with some amazing students!

It all started on Thursday morning.  Watching students become engaged and excited about the learning process is “magical.”  Watching teachers change their attitudes about arts integration is fantastic!

After a morning of workshops, I met up with Wendi (also from The Whiting) and we drove over to ABC12 for a noon news interview.  I’m always amazed at how quickly 3 minutes goes on television but we did have a chance to talk about Saturday’s show at The Whiting and get in a word or two about the Hocus Focus work in the community. You can click the image below to watch the interview.

After the interview, we were back with Christi to work with more students.  And today, it was out again with some amazing kids!

Tomorrow night, we will bring the show to the stage of The Whiting.  It’s going to be a great time!!