We’ve been home for a few days now and while we are not on the road, it doesn’t mean we’re not working. I hear that from people a lot. “It must be nice not to be working and enjoying some time on the road,” they say. I wish it was like that. During this time of the year, there are so many things that need to be done that being off the road only gives us an opportunity to “catch up.”

Nolan has been very busy arranging interviews for me in advance of upcoming performances. This week I’ve had five – Kearney, NE (March 22), Green Bay, WI (April 4), Longview, WA (April 18), Artesia, NM (April 10), and Blackfoot, ID (April 26). He’s working hard on finalizing all the others.

Keith has been attempting to connect with technical directors to review all the information with them about our production. Unfortunately, this is a busy time for everyone so it’s not been an easy task for him.

And Cindy has been working on finding new music for the show. She is very good at this and I think she enjoys it! Today, she and Keith will be doing some music editing to get it all ready.

And me, well I am working diligently to wrap up next season. I only have about 15 contracts remaining to confirm and then I’m done – I think! We have a really great tour set up for next year and I’m excited about some of the venues where we will perform. I’m also working hard on completing two other projects that I should have done long ago.

This weekend, I hope to enjoy a little time at home.