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Tuesday, February 7th, 2012


I started February with a very busy schedule and travel plan.  We left Ada, OH and made our way to Warsaw, IN to perform at the new Warsaw Performing Arts Center.  The day before the show, I had the privilege of teaching some of the students in the high school in a magic workshop.  The following day, we moved the show into the Performing Arts Center…but when we arrived for load in, someone had tripped the fire alarm and the building was being evacuated!

Once the fire department gave the “all clear,” we were able to start loading in.  The day moved along really well and I was happy with the way things looked on the stage.

Tickets sold very well for this performance, especially on a Thursday night!  We had a huge crowd of families, students, young adults, and seniors – my favorite audience!  The response to the show was very positive and I talked to hundreds of people in the lobby afterwards.  It was a good way to start February!


Immediately after we loaded out the show in Indiana, we made the four hour drive to Hamilton, OH.  We finally checked into the hotel around 2am. The next day would start early with a morning workshop for the theatre students at the performing arts high school.  I had a great time teaching them some magic and they entertained me with their improv presentations.

After the workshop, I walked back to the hotel and gathered the rest of the team.  We brought over the truck to begin getting set up for the evening performance.  This is a very different venue for us but we were able to customize a show that worked well in a very cool, intimate space.  We had a sold out house and they turned so many people away the week prior to the show, during the day, and at the box office the night of the performance.  The audience we did have was GREAT!!


One more time, after the show in Hamilton we were back in the truck and driving up to Toledo.  We arrived there around 1:30am, got checked into the hotel, and into the bed.  I was excited to make this drive because the folks at the Valentine Theatre had made arrangements for me to do a show at Toledo Children’s Hospital on Saturday afternoon.  How could I miss that opportunity!

Our performance at the Valentine Theatre was Sunday afternoon – Super Bowl Sunday!  Thankfully it was a 4pm performance and the show would be over by 6pm so fans could see the kick off.  We had a nearly sold out audience – packed house – of excited, energetic people.  Once again, this was a very diverse audience of people of all ages.  I love looking over audiences like this – and I loved watching this audience’s response to each illusion!

I also have to say the crew here (local IATSE 24) was amazing.  We were loaded in and set up in record time!  And it was a fun, enjoyable, relaxed day for everyone.  It was the perfect day!

We loaded out the show, jumped back into the truck….and, yup, made the drive to Marion, OH….ah, life on the road!


Monday, November 16th, 2009

We had a very busy weekend with performances from Indiana to North Carolina. After High Point, we drove on to Marion, Indiana for a performance at the Phillippe Performing Arts Center on the campus of Indiana Wesleyan University.

Now, I grew up in Indiana and, if you mention pizza, Pizza King is a “tradition since 1956.” You can only find Pizza King in Indiana. It’s inextricably connected to my growing up so, it was only natural that I should seek out a Pizza King in Marion.


After a hearty dinner of pizza, we were off to the hotel to get some rest before the show on Friday. We arrived at the Phillippe Performing Arts Center around 11am to find Greg, Phil, and the crew ready to get us loaded into the theatre. This is a really beautiful stage and we had a Sold Out audience of more than 1100 people coming to the show that night. That kind of energy really carries you through the day!

Once everyone was briefly, badged, and signed in, the tasks of getting several tons of equipment from the truck to the stage began. Ethan was on the truck, Cindy and Alan on the stage to direct, Keith was dealing with technical issues, and me – I was just staying out of the way at this point.

The day moved along at a good pace. Cindy structured the show a little differently for this one because they didn’t want an intermission. “Straight through” performances are a bit of a challenge but she had this all figured out.

When it came time to open the doors, a large enthusiastic crowd found their way to their seats. You can feel and hear the excitement in the theatre. I always get such a rush of adrenaline when that energy hits the room. And from the moment we took the stage, the audience was fantastic!

It was great to finally get to work with Nancy and her guys at the Phillippe Center. We’ve been trying to find a date on the calendar for more than 3 years. This time, it worked – and we had a blast!

Several friends also made the trip to see us perform – I mean some people I’ve know since I was a kid (that was a long time ago). Karl English and his wife Susie were there. It was great to see them. And Joseph Jones and his wife, Julie, made the trip down from the “north” with their two kids to see the show too. Always great to reconnect with people!

Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time to visit afterwards. Once the show was over, we were back on the road to make the 12 hour drive back to North Carolina!


We drove late that night and then were up very early the next morning to continue the “journey” to North Carolina. We arrived in Clayton around 7pm and found our way to the hotel. Morning came very early! Our performance here was a 4pm matinee so we would need to be at the theatre at the crack of dawn.

Heidi, Steven, Cathy, and the gang were all ready to go as we pulled our truck to the loading area. One of the crew guys told me that there was a nice “buzz” in the community about the show and tickets had been selling briskly. As it turns out, we had another SOLD OUT audience in Clayton.

There was some creative backstage management going on for this show. There was a large room behind the stage where we could store illusions and cases but there was limited space on the stage. Cindy figured that, during intermission, the guys would move out the first half and bring on the second half. To do this, they had to move everything to a part of the stage that was a lift, take it down to the next level, change everything, and bring it back to the stage. It worked perfectly!

We had a great time working with Heidi and her team at the Clayton Center – good people, great fun, hard-working crew, and an amazing audience.

Two SOLD OUT shows this weekend…and now we’re home for a day before heading to Ohio and Michigan.