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Sunday, January 27th, 2013

We finally arrived in Springfield, OH after two days of driving in the snow.  Guess what?  It was snowing in Springfield!  Oh well, I guess it is January and we are in the north.

Once we were settled into the hotel, our next stop was the Springfield Regional Medical Center.  David (Springfield Arts Council) had made arrangements for me to do a workshops for the therapists.  I’m always impressed that they are willing to stay for another 3 hours after they’ve been working for 8 hours, but they did – and they were great fun to work with.  We had a group of about 15 ready to learn a new treatment technique for their clients.

The following day was our performance at Kuss Auditorium in Springfield.  There was a nice article in the local paper about the show so tickets had been selling very well and we were practically sold out.  In spite of the weather, the auditorium was packed – about 1500 seats.

We arrived at the loading dock just as the plow was removing the last bit of snow.  Load in went smoothly with an enthusiastic crew – and the day moved along very well.  Here’s a pictorial glance of the day:





This was my first full 2-hour performance since my shoulder surgery.  I was a little nervous about some of the illusions but knew that adrenaline would push me through any challenges.  Overall, things went great!  The underwater escape was the one that gave us the most concern…but it all worked out.

We left Springfield with great memories of a great experience and wonderful audience.  Off to Florida!


Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

We arrived in Oxford, OH on Sunday night in advance of some of the work we would be doing in the community in the two days prior to the performance at Miami University’s Hall Auditorium.  Patti and David worked hard to pull together some really exciting opportunities for me.  On Monday morning, David stopped by the hotel to pick me up (along with Chase and Eli) to drive over to the University.  They had scheduled Hocus Focus presentations for two different Introduction to Special Education classes on campus.  This is a great opportunity for me to demonstrate the power of the arts in the education process with future teachers.  The earlier they are exposed to these concepts, the more likely they are to actually use them in the classrooms.  After a powerpoint presentation, we started learning some easy magic tricks.  After mastering each one, students participated in a task analysis of each to see how it could be aligned with national or common core state standards of learning.

They were fast learners – and they were able to see the value in “arts integration” for not only special education students, but all learners in general.

In between classroom presentations, we managed to grab a pretty awesome lunch (thank you David) at one of the local restaurants.  Great food! One more activity helped close out a fantastic first day in Oxford – a visit to The Knolls, a residential community for seniors.  We worked with some of the residents there, teaching them a few tricks but (more importantly) sharing stories, smiles, and some laughs.  What a fantastic first day!!  You can see more pictures on the Miami University Facebook Page –  HERE and HERE.

Today (Tuesday) was another great day.  We started off on the Miami University campus working with two groups of students in the University’s mentoring program – one group in the morning and one in the afternoon.  These are high school students who are working to improve certain skills – and many of those goals can be achieved when you learn a magic trick.  This is my favorite picture of the day.  Austin is an amazing young man that will attempt anything – nothing slows this guy down and he did some incredible tricks today.

Tomorrow is the show at Hall Auditorium at 7:30pm – there are still a few tickets available so come have some fun!  Click HERE to buy tickets!


Tuesday, February 7th, 2012


I started February with a very busy schedule and travel plan.  We left Ada, OH and made our way to Warsaw, IN to perform at the new Warsaw Performing Arts Center.  The day before the show, I had the privilege of teaching some of the students in the high school in a magic workshop.  The following day, we moved the show into the Performing Arts Center…but when we arrived for load in, someone had tripped the fire alarm and the building was being evacuated!

Once the fire department gave the “all clear,” we were able to start loading in.  The day moved along really well and I was happy with the way things looked on the stage.

Tickets sold very well for this performance, especially on a Thursday night!  We had a huge crowd of families, students, young adults, and seniors – my favorite audience!  The response to the show was very positive and I talked to hundreds of people in the lobby afterwards.  It was a good way to start February!


Immediately after we loaded out the show in Indiana, we made the four hour drive to Hamilton, OH.  We finally checked into the hotel around 2am. The next day would start early with a morning workshop for the theatre students at the performing arts high school.  I had a great time teaching them some magic and they entertained me with their improv presentations.

After the workshop, I walked back to the hotel and gathered the rest of the team.  We brought over the truck to begin getting set up for the evening performance.  This is a very different venue for us but we were able to customize a show that worked well in a very cool, intimate space.  We had a sold out house and they turned so many people away the week prior to the show, during the day, and at the box office the night of the performance.  The audience we did have was GREAT!!


One more time, after the show in Hamilton we were back in the truck and driving up to Toledo.  We arrived there around 1:30am, got checked into the hotel, and into the bed.  I was excited to make this drive because the folks at the Valentine Theatre had made arrangements for me to do a show at Toledo Children’s Hospital on Saturday afternoon.  How could I miss that opportunity!

Our performance at the Valentine Theatre was Sunday afternoon – Super Bowl Sunday!  Thankfully it was a 4pm performance and the show would be over by 6pm so fans could see the kick off.  We had a nearly sold out audience – packed house – of excited, energetic people.  Once again, this was a very diverse audience of people of all ages.  I love looking over audiences like this – and I loved watching this audience’s response to each illusion!

I also have to say the crew here (local IATSE 24) was amazing.  We were loaded in and set up in record time!  And it was a fun, enjoyable, relaxed day for everyone.  It was the perfect day!

We loaded out the show, jumped back into the truck….and, yup, made the drive to Marion, OH….ah, life on the road!