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Saturday, January 21st, 2012

I’m not exactly sure how many times we’ve performed at the Florida Theatre but it’s always a fun gig for us.  We arrived into town on Tuesday night, even though the show wasn’t until Friday.  Wednesday morning started very early.  Kendall (from the Florida Theatre)  picked Chase and I up at 4am – yup, that’s early!  We met up with Tracy Conley from ActionNewsJacksonville at the Alden Road Exceptional School.  Starting at 5:30am, we did our first hit of the morning.  We did several more interviews throughout the morning…made the noon news…and then again at 5pm.  Thank you Tracy for all that great exposure for the Hocus Focus project and the show at the Florida Theatre!

Starting at 8am on Wednesday morning, I conducted two professional development workshops for teachers at Alden Road Exceptional School.  This is an amazing school for students who have profound developmental disabilities ranging from physical dysfunctions to autism.  The teachers here are incredibly special.  This is a job they do because they want to impact these kids lives – not for the money.

After working with the teachers on Wednesday, I had the chance to let them see in practice what they learned in theory.  On Thursday, Alan, Chase and I spent the day teaching magic tricks to students with exceptionalities – physical and mental challenges that would dampen the spirit of most of us. Yet, somehow, these kids were filled with life and laugher that was only magnified with the mastery of each trick.  This is always one of the most inspiring experiences I can have.  Watching these kids learn magic tricks and then perform them for their peers is awesome.  At the end of the day, they presented me with this giant “thank you card” that they made and signed.

After two amazing days at Alden Road Exceptional School, it was time for the show at the Florida Theatre.  Performing here is like coming home. Erik, Kendall, Katie, Saul (and the IATSE 115 crew), Danny, Lisa, and the entire team at the theatre take such great care of us.  Today was no different.  The show went up quickly, thanks to a great crew.  My guys did a great job as well – allowing me to go to my dressing room and get some work done for most of the afternoon.

Doors opened at 7pm for the 7:30pm show…and we held the show until 7:40pm because of the huge walk-up ticket line!   The audience tonight was fantastic – definitely the best audience we’ve ever had at the Florida Theatre.  There were families, kids, adults, seniors, and tons of 20-somethings all there to experience the magic.  The energy was great – cheers, applause, and enthusiasm for each of the illusions.  The volunteers used in the show were wonderful (including Tracy from FOX30 who ended up in the Spikes of Doom).  After the show, I had the chance to meet hundreds of people in the lobby and hear their favorite moment.  It was the perfect day!



Sunday, January 24th, 2010


After two great days of workshops in Jacksonville, we jumped into the rig and headed south to the Flagler Auditorium in Palm Coast.  This is always one of our favorite places to perform.  The entire team here – Lisa, Bruce, Jack, and the crew – treat us like family…and so we feel like family.  They even had chicken noodle soup waiting for me when I arrived to help me through my cold.

The stage was clear and ready for us when we arrived.  And we started almost immediately loading in the cases and getting things set up.  This is a student crew at the Flagler but I’ll put them up against almost any crew we work with.  They are professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and hard workers.

The show went up fairly quickly with only a few snags along the way…but with each challenge, the crew jumped right in to make it all work.  It was dinner time before we knew it and “mom” had some freshly made wraps, fresh fruits, and some snacks ready for us.

When the doors opened, the crowd made their way to their seats.  We had a fantastic audience – a nice mix of young and old, great volunteers, and lots of enthusiasm and excitement.  What more could you ask for??  These guys are awesome!


Early Saturday morning, we drove north on I-95 back to Jacksonville to set up for the evening performance at the Florida Theatre.  The K-girls – Kendall and Katie – had uploaded their vlog with a bit of humor thrown in to reach out to their YouTube fans.  You can check it out here.

We arrived right on time and pulled the truck to the front of the Theatre to begin load in.  Saul, the TD here, was ready for us remembering every detail of our last performance here in 2007.  The guys had the stage ready for us so it was easy to just sign everyone in and start loading in the cases.

The day moved along quickly and I’m sure we set an all-time new record for load in, set up, and tech rehearsal – four hours!  A huge thank you to Saul, Amy, Kenny, and local IATSE 115 for doing such an outstanding job!  We had a lot of time to relax, enjoy dinner, and try to doctor our colds a bit (yes, Cindy and Ethan now also have a cold).  Take a look at this proscenium – isn’t this a beautiful stage???

And here’s the way the stage started to look as we moved through the lighting….

We enjoyed a good home-cooked Southern-sytle dinner of pork chops, mac and cheese, field peas, and ice cream sundaes.  It’s a good thing we had that much time between dinner and the show just to let the food digest!

Doors opened at 7pm and the audience made their way to their seats.  Once again, we had some great volunteers on stage with us making it a fun evening and an enjoyable show.  In the lobby afterwards, I got to meet tons of them – one of my favorite parts of the day.  I heard lots of positive comments about the new magic in the show.  One after another, they shared their favorite moment with me.  It was a great way to end a great weekend!