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Sunday, September 28th, 2008

We have wrapped up all of our meetings are will be flying home today around 12noon.  I’m ready.  I’m tired.  And I have lots of work today before we hit the road again on Thursday.

Last night, we had the privilege of visiting the Georgia Aquarium.  It is right up the street from our hotel and one of the great attractions of Atlanta.

This is quite an impressive place.  The large ballroom where our final meeting was held had two glass walls, each of them looking into different tanks of fish.  This is a picture of the whale shark living in one of them.

I need to finish packing my suitcase and head to the airport!


Saturday, September 27th, 2008

Things are going great in Atlanta.  My appearance on GOOD DAY ATLANTA went really well – enthusiastic hosts always make that experience much more fun!

Keith and I arrived at WAGA right on time – 7:30am – for a 7:50am appearance.  Mark and Sachita learned the tricks very quickly and impressed the camera operators with their new found abilities.

We’ve been busy in meetings these last few days and get to head home on Sunday.  Tour starts on Thursday!


Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Keith and I leave today for Atlanta, another day on a plane.  I’m frantically trying to finish up my errands before we drive to Roanoke.  These days, you never know what the airline is going to do at the last minute.  We should be in Atlanta this afternoon and up early on Thursday for a guest appearance on GOOD DAY ATLANTA, Fox 5′s morning show.


Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Last week was crazy!  Keith and I were in Kansas City for a series of meetings.  While there, I also made a guest appearance on WDAF’s THE MORNING SHOW.

The days were very long but we accomplished a lot!  We made it home on Sunday night and now, we’re getting ready to do it all again – this week in Atlanta.

I spent most of the day today trying to get things organized in the office and managed to work in that dentist appointment (never a fun thing).  I feel like I actually got some things done!

Tomorrow is going to be really busy.  I have way too many loose ends to tie up before leaving for Atlanta on Wednesday.  I’m working on some very exciting projects and I hope to be able to give you more details in the coming weeks.

For now, we’re still working on getting the new website launched!  It’s very, very close to being done!


Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Keith and I are sitting in the Kansas City International airport waiting for our flight home – via Chicago and Ronoake.  It’s been a very long week and an extremely productive one.  I had some great meetings and made a brief appearance on THE MORNING SHOW on Fox 4 WDAF.

We are only home for a couple of days before heading out again to Atlanta.  The next two days are going to be as busy as the last four – lots of notes to get organized, information to get updated, and the October newsletter to get started.  I have a dentist appointment, have to wash clothes and repack my suitcase, and Ethan and I have to drop off the trailer to get six new tires.  Excuse me while I put this stuff on a “to do list.”  I think that’s going to be the only way I’m going to remember everything.

The flight is boarding so I’m signing off.


Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

We made it home  on Monday night from Kentucky.  It was a great week of shows and outreach programs.  No one is “in” the office today because we’re just trying to get rested and repack our suitcases.  Keith and I leave in the morning for Kansas City for a series of meetings.  I’ll also be appearing on FOX 4′s MORNING SHOW in KC – 8:25am on Thursday, 9/18.

Keith is working today from home getting our schedule coordinated.  Ethan dropped by the office to help out with a few things.  Cindy is running errands.  And I’m trying to sign off on a few contracts for Spring 2009, pay some bills (fun), and pack for the trip.


Monday, September 15th, 2008

The last couple of days are a bit of a blur!  After two workshops in Somerset, we moved into the theatre at the Center for Rural Development on Thursday to get ready for two performances there on Friday.

Turns out I wasn’t the ONLY Kevin Spencer performing in Somerset, KY that weekend!

Two shows later, we packed it all down and loaded a few tons of equipment back into the truck.  We were on the road again making a long day even longer.  We drove to Bowling Green, KY – checked into a hotel and got a few hours of sleep.  Saturday morning, we finished the drive to Hopkinsville, KY for a performance at the newly renovated Alhambra Theatre.

We backed our truck up to the loading dock and, once the crew was signed in, we started bringing in the cases.  Cindy and Ethan had to work especially hard to figure out how to make the production “work” with limited stage space.  Keith had a few challenges of his own in the tech department.  I spent most of my day on the lighting.  In the end, it all came together.

Ticket sales had been strong before our arrival and the crowd that night didn’t disappoint us.  The air conditioning stopped working in the theatre late afternoon and by show time, it was very hot!  Amazingly, a packed house watched enthusiastically enduring the heat without so much as a single complaint.

I had the opportunity to meet one of the legends of magic that night as well.  Mr. John Calvert and family/friends drove in from Bowling Green to see the show.  Afterwards, I had the privilege of spending a few minutes talking with him.  He was very complimentary and jestingly suggested that I should “consider doing this as a career.”

We made it back to the hotel around 11:30pm and all of us were ready for a good night’s sleep.

Ethan and I spent Sunday afternoon conducting a workshop for several healthcare and education professionals – psychologists, occupational therapists, and educators.  The two-hour workshop flew by and the group turned in their evaluations commenting that the information they learned was “extremely beneficial,” “practical,” “inspiring,” and “medically accurate.”  It was a great afternoon.

We are driving back to Virginia now.  On Wednesday, Keith and I fly to Kansas City for a series a meetings and a television appearance on the MORNING SHOW on Fox 4.


Thursday, September 11th, 2008

Wow, another very busy but highly productive day in Somerset!  We were up early – again – to head over to another one of the local elementary schools, Southern Elementary.  We started at 8:30am with another workshop for the special needs teachers and a few of the aides.  They learned quickly and were very enthusiastic about getting these techniques and strategies implemented with some of the students.

I took a quick break between the workshop and the first session with students to do a radio interview with a station in Hopkinsville, KY to promote our Saturday evening show at the Alhambra Theatre.

After the interview, the first group of students made their way into our classroom.  There were about 10 students in this group and, once they realized they were going to be learning some magic tricks, they became very excited!  They jumped right into the task, concentrating and learning every step to make the tricks “magical.”


And with each successful attempt, they moved on to something more difficult – proud of their accomplishments and ready to perform for family and friends.  You could hear the excitement in their voices as they said, “I can’t wait to show this one to my dad!”



We finished up with our last group of students (four groups total) around 2:30pm.  Ethan and I gathered our things and Dianna dropped us off at the hotel.  We changed our clothes and all of us (me, Cindy, Ethan, and Keith) drove over to THE CENTER to unload a couple of cases onto the stage.  The show is not until Friday night so it was nice to get in a little early with a couple of our illusions.

After loading in, we were starving and drove over to the KING BUFFET Chinese restaurant.  The night before, we ate at the Tumbleweed Restaurant where I was attacked by a giant fish (you might remember the giant bear that attacked me in California).  That didn’t happen tonight!


A quick stop at the local Walmart to pick up a few supplies and we were on our way back to the hotel to relax for the evening.


Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

We arrived in Somerset on Monday night after a much longer-than-expected day of driving.  We left on Sunday and drove to Abingdon.  According to Google Maps, that was slightly less than the half-way point leaving us only about 4 hours to go.  We left out on Monday morning to finish up the trip when our Garmin routed us on some smaller highways to “save time.”  Well those smaller highways were taking us right to Big Stone Gap!  That’s not a road you want to drive in a 65 feet semi!  Cindy quickly grabbed the map and saved us from our “near-death” experience routing us back to Interstate 81. We finally pulled into Somerset around 5pm.  After checking into the hotel, we made our way to the local Cracker Barrel to grab some food.

Ethan and I were up early this morning (around 6am) to get ready for our first workshop of the week.  Our host picked us up around 7:30am and we made our way to the Eubank Elementary School.  The first thing on the agenda was a workshop with the special education teachers.  We had a great time exploring how to effectively use magic tricks in the classroom to help students maintain their focus and reach their goals.


Once the teachers had the grasp of the concepts of HOCUS FOCUS (Healing of Magic), we spent the rest of the day working with several smaller groups of students.


After our morning sessions, we had lunch in the school cafeteria with some of the students.  It’s been a long time since I’ve waited in a cafeteria line with second graders!  After lunch, we worked with another group of students – 4th and 5th graders – who managed to learn lots of tricks – and loved showing them off.  I’m sure their families are seeing a magic show tonight.

Tomorrow, we did it all again at another school.  Our main performance is on Friday at the Center For Rural Development.


Saturday, September 6th, 2008

It has been a busy day around the office.  The morning started early with the phones ringing before anyone else arrived.  I’m not great at juggling the phones but managed until Ethan got here.  I did a live radio interview with Somerset, KY to promote the show there on Friday, 9/12.  Jeff, the DJ, taped it and will play the quick interview several times over the next week.  After the radio interview, I moved on to a couple of newspaper interviews – also for shows coming up in Kentucky.

We headed over to the warehouse to load up a couple of illusions into the trailer that have not been with us this past tour.  Cindy was already there, getting things organized before we arrived.  I really appreciate all that she does to make sure that things go smoothly.  She can multi-task like no one I know (although Keith comes a very close second)!

After lunch, I finalized the details for two guest appearances for this month.

myfox_logo_1020.gif                myfox_logo_1012.gif

9/18 – 8:25AM, FOX 4                           9/25 – 8:00AM, FOX 5

AND THEN, I had another interview with the Commonwealth Journal.

Moving on to the next project, I had to prepare some b-roll footage for these two television interviews.  I finished (really finished it this time) writing the September e-newsletter.  Keith has it ready to go for a Monday morning delivery.  The Australia E-newsletter was delivered last night at 11pm EDT so that’s one thing marked off the list.

The rest of my day was consumed by designing a new lobby display for our merchandise table.  And Greg continues to get the new website ready to launch – soon!