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Sunday, March 2nd, 2008

It is almost time for us to leave again. Cindy and I are busy preparing and packing for this, the final trip of the truck. Nolan and I will leave on Tuesday morning to drive to Peoria for our show there on Friday. Keith and Cindy will be flying in on Wednesday and renting a car to meet us. Once the show is over, they will fly back home while Nolan and I drive the truck to Kansas City…where we will fly home for a week. Since the truck is not coming home until the end of the tour (around May 17), we have to pack everything this time for the remainder of the time on the road.

The long hauls are difficult times because we are also changing seasons (Winter to Spring) and moving between climates (the Northeast to the West Coast) this trip. You have to pack so many clothes for so many different weather situations. Ever tried to pack for a 7 week journey?

This should be a great tour – lots of excitement already about upcoming performance with many of them sold out or almost sold out. As always, I’ll be updating the blog with details…so check back often.