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Sunday, January 28th, 2007

This morning, David and I had the opportunity to go over to the Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville and work with a small group of occupational therapists.  We taught them the concepts of the Healing of Magic and then a few magic tricks that they could begin using first thing on Monday with their patients.

I LOVE doing this workshop!  And to see the excitement on the faces of the therapists as they learn the tricks and then begin the process of envisioning HOW they can use them in their practice is an incredible experience for me.

Laurie and Saul picked us up at the hotel around 8:45am in a very nice black stretch limosine!  Erik joined us during the workshop and, afterwards, we made the trip back to the hotel in that same great car.  These guys are going to spoil us!

Once back at the hotel, we all checked out and made our way to the truck.  We drove a few hours today to Marianna, in the panhandle of Florida, for our performance here on Monday night.


Sunday, January 28th, 2007

We are back at the hotel and have ordered some food from room service.  I’m starved and incredibly grateful for a great day at the Florida Theatre.  This is our third time performing in this magnificent space.  This place is beautiful – grand and ornate.  But what really makes it special are the people that we are privileged to work with here.  Erik Hart and his staff make our time in the venue enjoyable…and the crew (local IATSE 115) always has us up in record time.  Saul Lucio is the President of the local union and is the crew coordinator for our show.  But these guys are such a team!  So I want to send out a really special thank you to Saul, Nick, Kenny, Amy, Tom and Lonnie for a GREAT day in their space!

The audience tonight was full of anticipation and excitement.  When the show started and the first illusion appeared on stage, you could feel the energy in the house.  And they stayed with us until the very last bow at the end of the show.

There was a large group of local magicians who also attended tonight from the International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 130.  It’s always great when the local guys come out and support us.  We really appreciate the fact that they were all there.  David and Simone arranged for a special time for us to get together in a private place once I finished up with the general audience “meet and greet” in the lobby.  It was good to spend some time with them, hear their comments and have the opportunity to just chat.  THANKS for being here gang!

I’m going to eat my food and get some sleep.  David and I are heading over to one of the local children’s hospitals to work with some therapists with the Healing of Magic program.  It’s going to be a fun morning…so I’m off to sleep.


Saturday, January 27th, 2007

We had a GREAT show in Palm Coast tonight!  The day started with a really good crew loading us in and getting us set up.  The day went along smoothly, though “on stage” space was at a premium.  Cindy was able to put together an exciting show order that got a lot of variety into the performance.  The crowd was very appreciative and responsive to everything but there were a few stand outs.  Ultimately, we ended with a standing ovation from a very wonderful audience.

I thought we might have a smaller crowd but ticket sales really picked up on Thursday and Friday and we were almost sold out tonight.

Harry Allen (his wife and daughter), Irv Cook, and Josh from Daytona Magic were also at the show tonight.  We had a chance to do a quick visit afterwards and then it was time to tear it all down and get it out.

We’re back at the hotel – it’s midnight now – and we’ll be up early in the morning heading for Jacksonville.  We have a large group of magicians from the local I.B.M. ring coming tomorrow.  It should be fun!


Friday, January 26th, 2007

It was an easy day for us.  We were up and on the road by 10am heading from the Florida west coast to the east coast.  It’s a straight shot across Interstate 4 from Tampa to Daytona Beach and the weather was great.  It’s a little cool in Florida right now but, in comparison to the rest of the country, this is very nice!

We did have a chance to stop by Daytona Magic and visit with Harry Allen and Irv Cook.  This is a great magic shop and very customer service oriented.  I highly recommend these guys to anyone – hobby, amateur or professional – who is looking for great magic effects at good prices with the best customer service.

We have a show tonight at Flagler Auditorium in Palm Coast.  We were here two years ago with a sold out house but we have some major competition in the area this time area.  There are tons of events going on all around us and, yes, it is Super Bowl time in Florida – that’s a tough one to go up against as everyone travels and prepares for the game.  We know we’ll have a good audience, though they might not be a large one.

More on the show later….


Thursday, January 25th, 2007

It’s 5:20am and we are rolling out of the bed and getting ready for the first show of the day.  We’re at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, FL and, while it’s Wednesday, our performance is at 1pm.  We’re part of a special series – Adults at Leisure – so they’ve sold about 2000 tickets to active retirees for today’s performance.  It should be fun but, wow, is it early!  We have a 6:30am stage call so I have to get ready!


The show went very well.  The crew was AMAZING – local IATSE 321 – and they had us set up brilliantly.  They were also really cool to work with which always makes our day much more fun!  There are close to 2200 seats in Ruth Eckerd Hall and we were almost completely filled.  They were a great crowd and it appears as though they enjoyed everything we did.

There were also several magicians in the crowd today.  THANKS TO ALL OF YOU for your support and coming to the show.  It’s always nice to meet the area magicians.

The show went quickly and we had to get out of the theatre FAST.  The Indigo Girls are performing in the venue tonight and they were loading in at 3:30pm.  I think it was a record getting everything down and out.  Again, thanks to a great crew and the hard work of David, Kylie and Cindy.

I had a series of meetings this afternoon that kept us fairly busy for the day.  Now, we’re all exhausted – ready to go to bed!

Tomorrow, we head toward Flagler Auditorium (Bunnell, FL).  Maybe we’ll stop along the way at Daytona Magic!


Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

We are finally leaving the ice storm of the Mid Atlantic and heading south!  David and I caught the flight yesterday morning from Charlotte, NC to home – arriving around 11am.  Cindy and Kylie couldn’t get off the hill to pick us up because of the icy roads so we grabbed a taxi and had him take the adventure.  Once home, we all quickly repacked and headed for the truck.  By that time, much of the ice had begun to melt so we made it down the hill safely.

We left Lynchburg around 1:45pm, several hours later than our original plan.  We drove through a couple of hours of heavy fog but the sun finally broke through as we made it into South Carolina.  Hopefully today will be an easier trip to Clearwater!


Monday, January 22nd, 2007

David and I wrapped up in New York City on Sunday afternoon.  I had a great time there.  My meetings went very well and I had the chance to catch up with some sold friends who used to be in the business as well.  It’s always difficult to say good-bye to people you haven’t seen in a while with whom you feel a special friendship.

FOX & FRIENDS went really well.  I was on with Greg Kelly, Paige Hopkins and Kelly Wright.  Kelly Wright learned the tricks very quickly!  I had about 6 minutes on the show and it went like lighting!  It was over before I knew it.  I think it came off okay and, through the course of the day on Saturday, I ran into several people who had seen the show.

There’s an ice storm hitting Virginia so as we arrived in LaGuardia Airport in NYC, we weren’t sure if we were going to be getting home or not.  As it turns out, our flight into Charlotte was very delayed so we missed our connection to Lynchburg.  I’m sitting in a hotel room in Charlotte now getting ready to head to the lobby and catch the shuttle to this airport for a 9:25am flight home.  Once home, we’ll shift the clothes around, pile into the truck and head for warmer weather in Florida.  We have shows there all this week.


Friday, January 19th, 2007

I got the confirmation today that I will be making a guest appearance on “the most watched morning show on cable television,” the Fox News Network’s FOX & FRIENDS on Saturday, January 20, 2007.  I’m schedule to appear at 7:50am EDT to talk about the upcoming Spring 2007 tour and the Healing of Magic program.  Watch if you can!


Thursday, January 18th, 2007

Traveling is always so much fun when it’s out of one’s control.  And that’s always the way I feel when we fly.  David and I had a 7:20am flight from Lynchburg to New York City connecting through Charlotte.  Unfortunately the weather in Charlotte was bad – ice! – so our flight was grounded in Lynchburg (after we had all boarded) for about an hour.  We thought that might slow everything down in Charlotte, including our connecting flight.  We had planned to use that brief layover time there to grab a bite to eat before completing the trip.

Well, we arrived in Charlotte and checked the flight boards.  Our flight was ON TIME so we had to run through the airport to get to the next terminal and our gate before the flight left.  So much for food!

We made the flight in time only to sit on the plane for a while to get de-iced and then to the runway.  David and I were starving at this point and were just hoping they would have more than the little package of snacks that they typically serve on a flight.  We were wrong and our hopes were dashed.

I had the good fortune of sitting next to a very cool woman named Jessie DeWitt.  She’s a photo editor for a major New York newspaper.  We had great conversation and I think her job would be very interesting and exciting.  Turns out, she came to our hunger rescue with some homemade muffins that her friend gave her before she boarded the plane.  And they were delicious AND healthy!  I managed to get a muffin and my first cup of coffee of the morning on this flight.

We landed in New York and met up with a friend at the baggage claim area who graciously offered to have us share his limo to the hotel.  We’re trying to get settled in now for the next few days.

I’m being considered as a guest for FOX & FRIENDS, the morning show on the Fox News Network.  I’ll keep you posted!


Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

We’ve been working at home these last few days, preparing to leave for New York City on Thursday morning.  This leg of the tour will be busy but well paced.  I know the tour schedule is off-line right now so I can update it but I should have it up again by the weekend.

Between now and the end of February, we will be performing in Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.